Post Interview Analysis

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post-interview analysisWhat is the first thing that you do after a job interview? Call your friends? Chill? Talk to your parents? Hug your girlfriend?

I know, the list can be vast and unending, but, remember regardless of how many things are lined up, there is one thing that needs to be on the top of your to-do list – the thank you email after the interview.

It is critical to send the thank you email after the interview lest it can impact your chances of selection. You have to be sure that you keep this in mind because a lot of interviewers actually wait to see if you send the email or not. It is considered by many as one of the unwritten formalities you should adhere to.

What should the letter talk about?

Ideally, a thank you letter needs to be short. It should be a recap of how good the interview was and just to register your name in the good books of the interviewer, you can add in a little incentive for him.

When we talk about an incentive, what we really mean is that you should talk about a resource which pertains to his favorite topic. You can also dig up the internet and find out any workshop or event that has to do with something which your interviewer seemed to be passionate about.

This little extra might just turn the tides in favor of you. Also, I would advise you to end the thank you email on a promising note and with such a sentence that the interviewer might just reply you back. This is another way of guessing how bright your selection chances are.

Points of caution

When sending this email, you need to observe a few precautions too. Make it a point to ensure that the email doesn’t turn out to be unnecessarily long. Too long an email won’t be read (possibility) and might just hamper your impression.

Also, be double sure of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Any recklessness in this regard is likely to act against you.

Once you follow these tips, you should be able to create a perfect impression with your thank you letter. There is so much that you need to know and you can always read a few samples on the internet to have an idea of what these letters look like.

There is nothing printed in gold regarding the exact wording of the letter. You have the liberty to express yourself, just ensure that you know the basics of what to write and what to present. That should suffice!

Now that you know the dynamics, why don’t you write a sample thank you email now? It never hurts to try, does it?