Some Facts about Volunteering in India

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Volunteering in IndiaNow a day, people who do some social activities are respected a lot by society. Such people are also called social workers. It is the natural instinct of Human Beings to help one another. This is because God has bestowed on them many blessings of which mutual love is one.

From the last few decades, this trend has been increasing fast which is encouraging. We often see that people reach to help the people who suffer from any disaster.

There are also many volunteer organizations in India working to support the miserable humanity.

These provide them with all the basic needs of life like food, shelter, and dresses. Such services are provided free of cost and are categorized as volunteering services.


It is a helping service performed by an individual or a group to other people without any benefit. In other words, we can say that when a person or a group of persons voluntarily offer his services to other people without any benefit. Most of the people think it useless activity but they do not know the real benefits lying underneath it. Following are the main facts of volunteering.

Different Facts about Volunteering

Volunteering is very important both for the individual and also for the community. There are many facts underlying it. These are:

1. New Skills

The very first fact that makes it necessary for the individual as well as groups is that it teaches new skills. An individual when joins the volunteering group or service he comes across many different peoples with different skills. Working with them also makes it easy for him to learn these new skills from his coworkers. Sometimes, it happens so that a volunteer joins a distracted family and has to perform the services that are against his likes, but these teach him many new skills.

2. Completes your Resume

If you are qualified and applying for jobs but cannot find any for some time, opt to go for volunteering as its experience can make your resume complete. This completed resume may increase your chances of being selected.

3. Makes you Active

Another very important fact that lies underneath volunteering are that it makes you active. Choosing to be a volunteer is better than sitting idle. Performing different volunteering activities keeps you active.

4. Improves Social Skills

Volunteering also improves the social skills of both the volunteer and the community. This is because during volunteering people from different social backgrounds combine. They come to know about the values and moralities of their societies and this tends to increase their social skills. An individual, when goes to perform volunteering service, joins the family other than his own learns to deal with people of different minds and his interpersonal skills development.

5. Can be Relevant

Taking part in volunteering service or in your Gap Year India Programs also increases the possibilities of its relevance to your future work. If it happens, it is good for career growth. A volunteer is more experienced in a certain work proves to be more competent than other persons on the same job.

6. Increases Friends

Another fact behind its popularity is the increase in friends. Volunteering at different places and with different people tends to increase your contacts. There are many people who have many years old friends in their friends list when they used to perform volunteering in a particular area. Sometimes, these friends prove helpful in your future career.

7. Expands Your Network

It is also a very good fact behind volunteering that it helps you to expand your network. If you run a business it can also help to expand your business network to the people of the far-off area where you are going to perform the volunteering services. You can never expand your network through any other way than this.

8. Changes Thinking

Performing volunteering services also change your thinking and mindset also. When you go out of your home and mix with different people with different troubles, your mindset and views about life change to a great extent. You feel sympathetic towards some poor people and your sympathy tends to change your views. I have many such contacts whose mindset seemed totally changed when they returned after volunteering in some poor communities.

9. Leads To a Better Future

Sometimes, volunteering can lead you to a respectable future. This is because when you go to volunteer yourself your skills get a maturity, your contacts increase, your confidence is also boosted up. All these things combine to increase the chances of your being selected as an ideal candidate for some particular job.

To conclude, we can say that volunteering is a lot beneficial for volunteer and community also. The people who consider it a useless activity are living in a fool’s paradise. They should think about the real facts that lie underneath it.