Workplace Health and Safety Tips

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Health and Safety TipsUnlike some other aspects of business, safety is not something that happens on its own. On the contrary, both the management and staff have to put a lot of effort into creating a healthy and safe workplace.

The importance of avoiding situations that could potentially cause damage either to people’s health or to the company’s property can’t be emphasized enough.

That’s why every manager and all employees have to work together on the issue to the mutual benefit. Having a look at the tips below is a step in the right direction.


Making it safe

If there are some machines in the work area, they need to be positioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, so that they don’t hinder the product flow. In order to achieve this, every person that uses the area in question needs to be aware of the applicable standards and requirements and they should obey them at all times.

Another thing that has to be done to ensure maximal safety is to get rid of everything that doesn’t need to be in the work area. If you keep it clean, there will be fewer risks and it will be easier to identify potential threats. All this will make everyone more productive, as well.

Have a plan and signage

Your safety plan should be something that incorporates not only your ideas but also the suggestions provided by the people who are directly involved in the processes taking place at your company. Nobody knows better what potential hazards are.

Having instructions in writing, as well as appropriate signage is also crucial since people will be able to refer to them whenever they want and there will be no room for misinterpretation. Creating signage, as exemplified by this Fire Safe ANZ fire extinguisher chart, will also help people have a clear idea of what to do in case of emergency.

Allow room for changes to policies

Although it’s extremely important to adhere to the instructions and other safety requirements, that doesn’t mean that once you have them in place they should never be changed. On the contrary, some unanticipated safety concerns might appear and you need to be ready to deal with them immediately, efficiently and on the spot.

Once you’ve adopted the policy, it’s vital to monitor who your employees behave in the new circumstances and whether they’re all performing their job in the correct way. Sometimes you might need to have individual chats with some employees to help them realize the importance of following the safety procedure to the letter.

Money and maintenance

All machinery and equipment must be kept in working order and maintained regularly. This requires a certain amount of resources, but you should never see this as an expenditure, but rather as an investment. Namely, you’ll be investing in the safety of your employees and business processes.

Bear in mind that any cost incurred as a result of damage is definitely going to be much higher than the cost of maintenance and inspection; not to mention the advantage of not having an accident happen in the first place.